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Music Ministry Ordination Certification

This program is designed for certifying—and finally ordaining—music ministers. 

(A music minister is defined as one who ministers through music and testimony, 
not to be confused with those who hold the office of Minister of Music.)


First: Complete this self-paced, six-course, home study course administered by Patriot School of the Bible.  

Second: Those who successfully complete all subject matter will be certified by PSB, and may then apply to Country Gospel Ministries for possible ordination at a CGM convention.

The cost is $199.00, which includes books, tuition,
grading, enrollment, sales tax and shipping.

PROCEDURE: You may start anytime and study anywhere. Estimated time for completion, even with a busy schedule, is about three months. 

(This program is for those in music ministry, so it is commendable that their ordination ceremony be witnessed by those in music ministry).

ADVANTAGE: The courses will better prepare you for the work of a music minister and authenticate your sincerity. It will also offer credibility to those seeking to engage you in their music ministry enterprises. 

Required Courses

Basic Bible Doctrine
Personal Evangelism
Power for God’s Work
Spiritual Leadership

Electives (choose 2)

Following God’s Will
Psalm 23
Child Evangelism
Christian Warfare
Character Development
Handling Adversity
Church (local) Music Ministry
Discipleship Training

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Those ordained at a CGMA convention, will be published to 
CGMA members, and recommended on the CGMA website.

Enrollment Option #1 - Order by mail or fax

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$199.00 -  includes books, tuition, grading, enrollment, sales tax and shipping

$239 for Canadian students

Enrollment Option #2 - Complete the following Online Application.

$199.00 -  includes books, tuition, grading, enrollment, sales tax and shipping
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One time enrollment fee   $199      

$239 for Canadian students


One time enrollment fee   $239      



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